Awakening at 3am, we are brought through the darkness to a mountain top, a natural viewing platform of the volcanos below. The air was thick and wet, as we were at an altitude that allowed us to drive through the clouds. With every wind gust we’d be saturated in rain. Tourists, admittedly like us, had travelled far and wide, all to be together in this single moment. Friends and family huddle close as the combination of wind, rain and altitude provided almost freezing temperatures in a country known for its hot, humid weather. Alas, wet season got the better of us this time. No impressive sunrise as the cloud cover that enveloped us refused to budge.

 Our driver; Werio The horsemen offer to let you ride across the “Sea of Sands” and up the volcanic ridges. Above it is possible to see the specs of the awaiting cars from which you must walk, or ride. The tedious climb to the crater of the volcano, a smell similar to farts and rotten eggs burns your nostrils, regardless of how many t-shirts you have wrapped around your nose & mouth.  Knee high railings do little to prevent you from falling into the depths. The disregard for safety and rules is sometimes what draws visitors to these parts of the world.  The active caldera.  I can assure you, I will be back.